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A nice padfolio can be a wonderful gift to a business professional, a college student applying to graduate school or post-college jobs, or a hard working employee. Padfolios are well designed and nicely made folders that contain a notepad and pockets to store papers.

Padfolios range in price depending on the materials used to make them and any additional features they may contain. For a good quality but not too expensive option, you can find many faux-leather padfolios that resemble the look and feel of leather but are not as expensive.

Of course, leather is the most expensive and highest-quality option but is not necessary to make a nice-looking padfolio. Padfolios can also be made of synthetic materials like polyester for a more durable style.

All padfolios have space to hold a writing pad. Some come with a pad already inserted into the padfolio, while others require a separate purchase of the notepad. Many padfolios have the space for a small pocket calculator, as well as many different internal pockets to hold loose-leaf papers and business cards.

Padfolios are available in a few different sizes. The most popular size is designed to hold an 8.5” x 11” notepad, however, as there are other sizes of notepads available, there are also other sizes of padfolios designed to contain them, such as legal size padfolios.

Executive padfolios come in traditional colors such as brown, black and navy blue, but are also available in brighter colors like reds and greens, as well as patterns. These less-traditional styles are not as easily found but are still available.

One nice extra touch for businesses or schools giving out or selling padfolios is to emboss the logo or name of the company or school onto the front of the padfolio as a reminder of the source of the item as well as a marketing technique to others who may see the padfolio.

Leather padfolios can be purchased at a number of different places. Standard padfolios can be found at office supply stores like Office Depot and Staples, as well as at stores like Target and Wal-Mart in their office supply sections.

Large colleges and universities often sell padfolios in their campus stores, and tourist attractions, especially those in Europe, often have padfolios for sale in their gift shops that feature an image or logo of the attraction.

Padfolios can also be purchased online. A quick Internet search for “padfolio” will yield a number of retailers selling this item. You can also start shopping via the links at the top of this page!

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